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Benefits of SEM

Use Search Engine Marketing to drive targeted traffic for strong conversions

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Instant Visibility

Fast traffic to your website by paying for ads.
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Target Audiences

Be visible to your ideal customers who are searching for your industry.
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Strategic Results

Set goal campaigns with strong call to actions that drive results.
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Engage with CMG to build your SEM strategy
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We're Serious About Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

What budget do I need to get results with Google Ads?

Budget recommendation for a Google Ads campaign will be shared when CMG has researched the keywords and location for your business. The most important factor to consider is the cost per click. Depending on how competitive your industry is or how competitive the keywords are will determine how expensive the clicks are. CMG will work with you to understand your current conversion rate to generate leads, so we can calculate how many impressions are needed. All budget recommendations are a starting point that can be scaled up or down depending on monthly data.

Should I have the same keywords for both my Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads campaigns?

It is important when analysing what keywords to use, that you generate a common theme of keywords. How you use those keywords on SEO or SEM will differ because of the way each campaign is set up. For a Search Engine Marketing campaign, you want to target the best organic keyword opportunities. You will also need to determine the competitiveness of the keywords as there is an auction that Google will use. The team at CMG will be able to help with all this strategy to ensure your SEO and SEM campaigns are working effectively together.

Is CMG a Google Partner?

Our SEM specialists are certified and complete the Google test every year. The team are Google and Facebook certified - the certification makes our team dedicated and experts in all things SEM.