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Benefits of SEO

A long-term strategy to drive organic traffic, growth and brand authority

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Free Traffic

Increase traffic to your website without paying for ads.
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Adopt a long-term strategy that delivers consistent results.
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Be visible when your customers are actively searching for your business.
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Engage with CMG to build your SEO strategy
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We're Serious About Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I see results from running an SEO campaign?

The more time and effort you invest into your SEO campaign, the better the results will be. There isn’t a time limit on SEO as work is always happening in the background, and every month we will be working to revise, refine and optimise your website for the better. Our strategy for each client and website will be to set a marketing plan aligned with goals and objectives, and work SEO into those goals, ensuring we are driving brand awareness to the sites.

What is more effective, SEO or Google Ads?

SEO is the organic way of appearing on page one, while Google Ads is paying for that spot at the top of Google Search results. Data and experience tells us that SEO is a long term strategy designed to drive organic traffic to your website, while SEM (or Adwords as it’s also known) has a more immediate impact. CMG recommends running SEM and SEO at the same time, as buyer behaviour tells us that consumers online visit more than one channel before making a decision to purchase/take action. That’s why we recommend a multi-channel digital strategy, where we harness the power of your brand and its products/services at every touchpoint.

What is key to having a successful SEO campaign?

There are multiple factors that work together to rank your website. Key factors that have become more important than ever before are compelling content and website user experience. Having compelling content that answers your customers’ pain points will show Google you have the right information to solve your customers' problems. CMG has a full team of experts who specialise in SEO to ensure we customise the right strategy for your business. That means that every one of our clients will have a different SEO strategy, depending on what outcomes they have set out to achieve.