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Benefits of SMA

Grow your audience on social platforms via paid ads

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Brand Trust

Create brand authority and trust with engaging ads.
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Target Audiences

Get in front of your ideal customers at every stage of the purchase funnel.
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Strategic Results

Set up campaigns to suit your goals with conversion tracking to allow ongoing growth.
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Engage with CMG to create your SMA strategy
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We're Serious About Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is social media advertising?

Social media channels have become part of our everyday life. With literally billions of people using social media, it has become a powerful communication tool to engage with customers. When you consider how people use social media, it is to get information, see what friends and family are doing, find entertainment and engage with businesses. This makes social media advertising incredibly effective to nurture leads and then transform them into loyal customers.

What budget should I invest in my Social Ads campaign?

Social media advertising is a cost effective platform that reaches thousands of people. The other major benefit of social media advertising is its flexibility with budgeting- this means you can spend any budget you want. CMG recommends a budget that is based on your goals, target location and target interests. Once the team have worked this out, we will be able to recommend a starting budget that is right for your business.

Does CMG track the progress of my Social Ads campaign?

CMG takes results really seriously- we use market insights and data to make recommendations on where to scale and move, strategically. Every month, you will receive a detailed report outlining the results from the campaign itself with analysis of the results against the industry. CMG also offers CMG Infinity, a 24/7 dashboard that allows you to have full visibility on your social ads leads.